At Fama, we pride ourselves on offering the utmost in quality and durability. That’s why we stand behind our products with a comprehensive Lifetime Guarantee:

  • Lifetime Guarantee for Frames: We build our frames to last, ensuring stability and support for the lifetime of your sofa.
  • Lifetime Guarantee for Seat Suspension: Say goodbye to sagging seats! We guarantee the integrity of our seat suspension system for life, providing continuous comfort and reliability.
  • Five-year Guarantee on Mechanisms and Motors: Rest assured that the mechanisms and motors powering your sofa are covered for a full five years, ensuring smooth operation.
  • One-year Guarantee on Batteries: We provide a one-year guarantee on batteries, ensuring uninterrupted functionality for powered features.
  • Three-year Guarantee for the Rest of the Sofa: Every other aspect of your sofa is backed by a three-year guarantee, with the option to extend it by an additional six months through our website activation process.

Eurostyle Design's Collaborative Solutions:

  • Offer customizable furniture for tailored designs
  • Collaborate with designers for bespoke solutions
  • Introduce exclusive designer collections
  • Host educational events for design professionals

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